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Research Line, Computer-assisted education in Medicine and Biology


This line of research aims at developing and applying new software and information technologies to support learning, teaching and education in the biomedical sciences, as well as researching its many aspects, including efficiency, efficacy, impacts on the educational activities and aims in this area, etc.

Prof. Renato M.E. Sabbatini, who has both a biomedical and a technological background and extensive interdisciplinary experience, besides a 45-year activity as an educator in biology and medicine, is the research group leader and main investigator. He was one the pioneers of educational technology in the health sciences in Brazil and in Latin America, having started in 1970, with the development of the first software programs for simulation of physiological processes in programmable calculators and computers, and its use in post-secondary teaching. He was also the creator of the Brazilian Virtual Hospital and several other on-line and electronic publications and websites devoted to learning and information sharing, as early as 1995. Later, in 1997, Dr. Sabbatini pioneered also the growing distance education and e-learning movement, with the development of the first on-line courses and the use of the Web as support to face-to-face courses. In 2000, he founded one of the most noted R&D&I centers in Brazil, the Edumed Institute for Education in Medicine and Health.

Professional Positions (12)

  • Coordinator of the Interest Group of Distance Education in Biology and Health, Brazilian Association for Distance Education (2010-present).
  • Founder and Technical Coordinator, the Center for Distance Education in Health (CEAD-S), Center for Biomedical Informatics, State University of Campinas (2000-2004)
  • Founder and Director of Business, Edulogica Educação & Tecnologia Ltd. Campinas, Brazil (2003-present)
  • President and founding member, President of the Administrative Board and member of the Scientific Council, Edumed Institute (Institute for Education in Medicine and Health - Instituto para Educação em Medicina e Saúde), Campinas, Brazil (2000-present).
  • Member of the Committee of Distance Education of the State University of Campinas, Campinas, Brazil (1998-2003).
  • Founding member of the Center for the Study of Health and Work (CEST: Centro de Estudos em Saúde e Trabalho) do Instituto Edumed (2001-present)
As a medical and health educator, Professor Sabbatini has held teaching positions in the following institutions of higher education:

Main Research Projects (15)

  • Authoring systems for building clinical simulations in health sciences education
  • Microcomputer numerical and graphical simulation of physiological processes in the teaching of biomedicine
  • Computer applications in the educational simulation of clinical cases in Medicine and Nursing
  • Computer- and Internet-mediated distance education in the Neurosciences, Medicine, Odontology and Nursing
  • Applications of the medical image datasets to computer-based learning in Anatomy and Neurosciences
  • Applications of tele/videoconferencing for distance health sciences education
  • Systems and applications in Problem-Based Learning (PBL) undergraduate education
  • Telementoring: using the Internet for remote student counseling
  • Comparative experimental evaluation of distance education effectiveness
  • Construction of 3D anatomical models using Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) for teaching human anatomy
  • Distance education in biomedical informatics and telemedicine
  • Satellite-based distance education
  • Using virtual social networks and media for distance education
  • mEducation: using portable wireless devices in ICT-based learning and teaching
  • Virtual learning communities and on-line electronic publications to assist Internet-based learning in the Health Sciences

Research Collaborators (43)

  • Abinoam P. Marques Júnior, MD
  • Ailton Santa Bárbara, PhD
  • Alan Romaniuc
  • Alexandre Mendonça
  • Alexandre Sabbatini, EE
  • Ana Paula Cardoso
  • Andréa Karla de Lima Alves, MSc
  • Andrea Montagno, RN
  • Antonio Carlos Leitão de Castro, MD, PhD
  • Antonio Roberto Batista, MD, MSc
  • Cássio Menezes Raposo do Amaral, MD, PhD
  • Charles L. Halstead, DD, PhD (USA)
  • Christine Hackel, MSc, PhD
  • Cláudia Filatro
  • Cláudio Giulliano Alves da Costa, MD, MSc
  • Cláudio R. Palombo, DD, MSc
  • Denise Yvonne Janovitz Norato, MD, MSc, PhD
  • Edoardo Santino, MD
  • Elson A. Montagno, MD, PhD
  • Goytá Villela Jr., MSc
  • Jorge Vicente Lopes da Silva, EE, PhD
  • José R. Ortale, MD, PhD
  • Josie Naomi Iyeyasu, MD, MSc
  • Jussara L. Sampaio-Ralha, MSc
  • Luis Cietto, RN, MSc, PhD
  • Marivan Santiago Abrahão, MD, PhD
  • Marcelo Sabbatini, MSc, PhD
  • Marco Túlio Gontijo de Oliveira
  • Marcos B. Piani, MSc, PhD
  • Maria Lúcia Botelho, MSc, PhD
  • Mário Maccari Filho, DD, MSc
  • Nilson D. Masserenti, MBA
  • Norberto Cysne Coimbra, MD, MSc, PhD
  • Paulo Marcondes Carvalho Jr., MD, MSc, PhD, MBA
  • Pedro Luiz Dragone, MD
  • Renato L. Ximenes, MD, PhD
  • Roberta Mazzariol Volpe, MSc
  • Rodrigo Quaresma, EE
  • Roseli E. Beseggio, RN
  • Satoshi Kitamura, MD, MSc, PhD
  • Silmara César
  • Silvia Helena Cardoso, MSc, PhD
  • Valdenize Tiziani, MSc, PhD
  • Vera Lúcia M. Perdigão
  • Virginia M.D. Barbosa, MD
  • Wagner Ribeiro

Tecbnical Consultancies and Industry Partnerships (59)

Supervised Dissertations (3)

Editorial Activity (2)

Organization of Conferences (1)

  • I Brazilian Conference on Health Education Techology, Campinas, 1987

Creation of Distance Education Sites (10)

In Portuguese (9)

In English (1)

Organization and Teaching of Courses on Educational Technology(7)

Development of Specific Courses in Medicine and Health

Except courses in biomedical and health informatics. See the page on Biomedical Informatics Education for those.

In Portuguese (22)

Dr. Renato M.E. Sabbatini, Phd - 2004

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