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Research and Development

  • Medical Informatics
    • Telemedicine and telehealth
    • Artificial Intelligence applications in Medicine and Biology
    • Artificial neural networks
    • Medical Informatics education
    • Computer-assisted education in Medicine and Biology
    • Hospital and medical office automation
    • Internet applications in Medicine and Health
    • Electronic publications
    • Satellite applications in medicine and education
    • Certification of healthcare software
    • Interoperability and health information standards
    • Information security of health information systems
  • Distance education and e-learning
  • Neurosciences
    • Computational neurosciences
    • Quantitative analysis of behavioral sequences
    • History of the neurosciences
  • Public understanding of science
  • High-Frequency Electromagnetic Fields, Biology and Health

Ongoing Research and Development Projects

  • BEST: A bedside multifunctional terminal for hospitals, which includes access to clinical information, entertainment features and resources for patients
  • Development of a model of conformity assessment systems of records to electronic health effects of quality certification according to ISO and other prerequisites
  • Educational activities and resources in biomedical informatics: the virtual library, WebTV, webcasting, web conferencing and e-learning
  • The digital signature and certification of electronic health records in Brazil

Past Research and Development Projects

  • ZELOUS: Development of a Web-based electronic health record for the management and social health of children and adolescents with insulin-dependent diabetes
  • TELEDIABETES: a Web-based system to support telemedicine "store and forward" and real-time consultation between caregivers and physicians in the management of diabetes
  • SGSMS: a client-server structure and software using Java-enabled mobile phones to collect messages and user input for the management of chronic diseases
  • SBIS 2.0: a collaborative model for the construction of scientific information and education on information technology for health resources using Web 2.0
  • Continuing education in public health: strategies and technologies based on digital satellite and Internet
  • A survey of the population use mobile phones for personal safety and health in three cities in Brazil
  • Knowledge of occupational physicians and technicians on the health impact of non-ionizing electromagnetic fields in the RF domain
  • Review of Latin American literature on high frequency electromagnetic fields and human health

Dr. Renato M.E. Sabbatini, Phd - 2004

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