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Quora Answers

  1. What does the future of telemedicine look like? 17/Apr/2016.
  2. If anything, what is the biggest thing public online courses have going against them? 31/May/2016
  3. How can I interface a personal health record platform with data being generated in a electronic health record? 17/Jul/2016.
  4. Which country is the leader for electronic health record systems? 18/July/2016.
  5. Have any successful personal health record systems have been deployed in developing/emerging countries? 18/Jul/2016.
  6. Can I sell an online course with information I have learned through other online courses or is this considered theft? 18/Dec/2016
  7. Why medical provides are not required to automatically share the electronic medical records with other doctors? 31/Dec/2016.
  8. What are the Telehealth ethics that affect caregivers? 31/Dec/2016.
  9. Where is the biggest opportunity in Telehealth? 7/Feb/2017.
  10. What is telenursing? 11/Feb/2017.
  11. What is the point of living if we are going to die and not remember anything? 25/March/2017
  12. What is the difference between ehealth and telehealth? 5/May/2017.
  13. What's a good diagram that displays the general technical architecture of an electronic medical record? 28/Jul/2017
  14. Why is the next generation more depressed than the last? Is it the reality of life hitting them hard? Is this a gene? 27/Aug/201
  15. How can bioethics help at medical colleges? 3/Sep/2017

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