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Dr. Sabbatini is Associate Editor for New Media of international journal

Ribeirao Preto, Brazil, October 10, 2010 : The Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research, is a journal founded in 1980 in Brazil, and since the decade of the 90s an international publication exclusively in English, with papers in several areas of medicine and biology (original research papers and scientific reviews). It's on-line version is hosted by the electronic library Scielo by BIREME and all its papers are published in the Internet under open access (Commons license). Recognizing the importance of devising and implementing new strategies for harnessing the Internet and its new Web tools, including Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 the Brazilian Association of Science Communication, Ribeirão Preto, publisher of the journal, decided to invite Dr. Renato ME Sabbatini, president and founder of the Edumed Institute to assume the function specially created for this purpose of Associate Editor for New Media. Dr. Sabbatini is a pioneer in the field of electronic publishing on the Internet, having created in 1996 the e*pub Group of Electronic Publications in Medicine, Biology and Health, when he was director of the Center for Biomedical Informatics of the State University of Campinas. In 1996, the Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research had its first site created by Dr. Sabbatini, and initially hosted by e*pub on the Web.

Sabbatini join IMIA's new Working Group on Web 2.0

Johannesburg, South Africa, September 18, 2010: The International Medical Informatics Association, the international federation of societies of health informatics, of which Brazil participates since 1989, has invited Dr. Renato Sabbatini to be a member of its new Working Group on Web 2.0, in recognition of Dr. Sabbatini's work in the field with its project SBIS 2.0.

Sabbatini Consultores Associados launched

Campinas, September 28, 2010: Dr. Renato M.E, Sabbatini, capitalizing on his experience of 40 years in information technology in health, has launched this week its new company, Sabbatini Associated Consultants, based in Campinas, Brazil. The goal of this society is to provide expert advice in the area for software development companies, medical and hospital insurance plans and health institutions, governmental and non governmental organizations, universities, etc.. The company has already started with a program of consultancy in the preparation and pre-audit process for certification of systems for electronic health records developed by SBIS and the Federal Council of Medicine. The Associated SabbatiniConsultants signed contracts with Brazilian software development companies WPD and Wareline. WPD has already achieved its certification successfully. See the announcement here.

SBIS creates Directorship of Professional Education and Appoints Sabbatini

São Paulo, December 3, 2009 The membership of the Brazilian Society of Health Informatics has confirmed in its annual General Assembly today the appointment, by President Dr Cláudio Giulliano Alves da Costa, of Dr. Renato M.E. Sabbatini as its first Director of Professional Education. Dr. Sabbatini's mission will be to organize the offer of courses, including on-line events, by the Society; as well as to establish a Professional Certification Program, with continued education, and a Certified Professional in Health Education title and Board Examination.

The Brazilian Society of Health Informatics assigns Dr. Renato Sabbatini to new functions

Campos do Jordão, SP, December 3, 2008 The Brazilian Society of Health Informatics (SBIS), a professional society created in November 1986, has elected today its new Executive, Fiscal and Membership Boards. Dr. Renato M.E. Sabbatini, a founder and former vice-president (1986-1988) and president (1988-1990) of the Society, has been elected as one of the three members of the Board of Memberships. In addition, he has been selected by the Executive Board as the regional representative of Campinas.

Renato Sabbatini is appointed a new member of the Technological Council of the state's syndicate of engineers

São Paulo, September 12, 2008: The Syndicate of Engineers of the State of São Paulo (SEESP) has appointed Dr. Renato M.E. Sabbatini, as its new member of the Technological Council, which assembles the most notable personalities of the world of innovation, research and technology of the state. Besides Dr. Crodowaldo Pavan, also a retired professor of the State University of Campinas, Dr. Sabbatini is one of the few biologists who are members of a council mostly dominated by engineers.

New blog in science, technology and society is launched

Campinas, December 2, 2007 Professor Renato M,E. Sabbatini began to write again on topics of science, technology and society, by relaunching his old column titled Noosfera (Noosphere)m now exclusively on-line in the blog format. Noosphere is a term which was coined by noted French philosopher and archeologist Teillard de Chardin and means the sphere of knowledge that interlinks all human beings. The first articles published by Dr. Sabbatini in his blog were "30 Ideas that Illuminated Science" and "Telemedicine Advances in Brazil". The blog is open to comments from the readers and is published in Portuguese at http://www.sabbatini.com/renato/blog.

Prof. Sabbatini Chosen as Patron of Biomedical Informaticians 2007 Class

Ribeirão Preto, September 15, 2007 The University of Sâo Paulo campus at Ribeirão Preto has the only undergraduate (college) professional course of biomedical informatics in the country. A new class is graduating this Summer 2007 and Prof. Renato M.E. Sabbatini, for his pioneering role in biomedical informatics education in Brazil has been chosen by the students as the class patron (a traditional honor for awarding outstanding teachers). The commencement ceremony will happen in January, in Ribeirão Preto

Prof. Sabbatini Nominated Among 50 Greatest Technology Innovators in Brazil

São Paulo, August 1st, 2007: Info Exame Magazine, a leading Brazilian technical publication has nominated today the short list of the 50 greatest innovators in information technology in the country for 2007. Prof. Renato Sabbatini, president and chairman of the board of the Edumed Institute for Education in Medicine and Health, and owner and director of EduLogica Education & Technology, is among them, for his pioneering role in using TI and telecommunications in distance education and VSAT satellite based videoconferencing. Large projects directed by Dr. Sabbatini, with partners TES Systems, COMSAT Brazil and Microlins, was mentioned in the article.

New Latin American Expert Panel Will Review Scientific Evidence on the Effects of Electromagnetic Fields on Health

Campinas, February 1st, 2007: Dr. Renato Sabbatini will coordinate a panel of scientific experts in Latin America, which will carry out an extensive study on the effects of high frequency electromagnetic radiation, such as those emitted by mobile phone and base stations, wireless voice and data communications, etc. Dr. Sabbatini is recognized as one of the experts in the field. The panel of experts will meet in August in São Paulo City and will work together for 3-4 months, using a virtual communications center developed by Dr. Sabbatini.

Dr. Renato M.E. Sabbatini, Phd - 2004

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