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Personal Schedule 2000
Renato M.E. Sabbatini, PhD

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February 2 Lecture Post-Graduation Seminars, Gastroenterology Center, Faculty of Medical Sciences, State University of Campinas, Brazil Telemedicine and Distance Diagnosis. Internet Applications
February 9 Dissertation
Graduate Course on Social Communications, Methodist University of São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil Masters Dissertation of Marcelo Sabbatini:
Models of Scientific Electronic Publications
April 7 Conference Convenção de Saúde das Americas 2000 (America's Health Convention 2000), Hotel Club Mediterranée Rio das Pedras, Angra dos Reis, Brazil
  • Coordinator of the Scientific Committee
  • Lecture: Systems for Clinical Information and the Internet in the Hospital
  • Lecture: Computer Based Training and Distance Education for the 21st Century Hospital
April 11 Symposium ITU Telecom Americas 2000: Telecommunications Development Symposium, International Telecommunications Conference for the Americas of the International Union of Telecommunications, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Medicine: Telemedicine Applications
May 5 Lecture Aeronautics Hospital, Studies and Research Center, São Paulo, Brazil. Communications in Health: The Impact of Telemedicine
May 26-27 Conference XXI Annual Congress of the São Paulo Cardiological Society (SOCESP), Campos do Jordão, Brazil Course: Internet for Cardiologists
Round Table: Contemporary Applications of Internet in Cardiology
June 12-17 Course Specialization Course on Information and Informatics in Health. Department of Electric Engineering, Technology Center, University of Amazonas Foundation, Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil Module 3 (30 hours): Computer Networks, Internet and Telemedicine

Reference Material
June 19 Conference Interact 2000, First Seminar and Exhibit on Virtual Interaction, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Lecture: Telemedicine: What Is It and Its Applications in Brazil
July 4-6 Conference Inet'2000 International Conference on Intelligent Systems and Global Network Integration.
American Chamber of Commerce, São Paulo, Brazil
President of the Scientific Committee, and moderator, Keynote Address by Andrew Lippman, MIT.
July 12-13 Conference 52nd Annual Meeting of the Brazilian Society for the Advancement of Science (SBPC), University of Brasilia, Brazil.
  • Lecture in the Round Table on New Challenges in Informatics in Biology: New Tools for Decision Making and Telemedicine based on the Internet
  • Participation in the VI Meeting of the Brazilian Virtual Public University Consortium (UniRede)
July 19 Conference 20th Congress of the Brazilian Society of Computing, Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil. Workshop on Health Informatics Lecture and Round Table: Telemedicine
July 24 Conference FENASOFT'2000: National Fair and Congress on Software and Telematics. São Paulo, Brazil
July 26-27 Course Specialization Course on Information and Informatics in Health. Department of Electric Engineering, Technology Center, University of Amazonas Foundation, Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil Module 4 (8 hours): Electronic Publications in Medicine
July 26-27 Seminar Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Amazonas Foundation, Manaus, Brazil
  • Computers and Internet in Medical Education
  • Telemedicine, Distance Education and the Edumed Project
July 28 Conference Brazilian Conference on Medical Auditing
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Applications of Medical Informatics
July 29 Course Evidence Based Cardiology, Brazilian Congress on Cardiology, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil I Congress on Telemedicine Applications in Evidence-Based Cardiology
August 16 Lecture Specialization Course on Health Services Management
ABC Medical School and UNIMED
Jundiaí, SP, Brazil
Medical Informatics
August 17 Conference VII Brazilian Conference on Distance Education, São Paulo, Brazil Participation in courses:
August 23 Lecture Santo Amaro University (UNISA), São Paulo, Brazil, Medical School The role of informatics in public health
August 23 Meeting The Edumed Institute: Official Launching of the Consortium
Brazilian Medical Association, São Paulo, Brazil
Presentation: The Edumed.Net Consortium
August 30 Conference II International Symposium on Community Health
Workshop on Information Technology Applications in Community Health
São Paulo, Brazil
Workshop Moderator
Lecture: Internet and the Building of Virtual Communities in Health
September 6 Conference Jornada Relación Médico-Paciente y Telemática. Mitos, realidades y desigualdades generadas (Meeting on the Patient-Physician Relation and Telematics: Myths, Realities and Inequalities), Uruguayan Society for Health Informatics, Montevideo, Uruguay Lecture: The patient-physician relation in the Brazilian Virtual Hospital
September 22 Conference Health Convention of Minas Gerais
I Congress of Health Management and Telemedicine
Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais
Promoted by Pró-Saúde Minas Gerais, Brazilian Federation of Hospital Administrators, Minas Gerais Chapter, Regional Council of Medicine of Minas Gerais and Reginal Council of Nursing of Minas Gerais
Closing Address: Applications of Internet and Telemedicine in Education and Health
October 3 Teleconference I Brazil-Canada Teleconference on Technologies in Health General Moderator
Lecture: Telemedicine in Brazil
October 11 Conference II Congress of USIMED - User's Cooperatives of UNIMED
Porto Alegre, Brazil
Inaugural Lecture: Medical Informatics, Internet and Medicine
October 15-17 Conference VII Brazilian Congress on Health Informatics
São Paulo, Brazil
  • Member of the Scientific Committee
  • Minicourse: Concepts and Applications in Telemedicine
  • Lecture: Clinical Guidelines and the Internet
October 18 Conference Meeting of the Group of Institutes, Foundations and Enterprises (GIFE). Vitoria, Brazil Commentator, Interest Group in Healthcare, Use of Technology.
Internet, Computer Networks and Social Acion in Health
October 19 Lecture II Congress of Medical Residents, Health Alliance, Pontifical Catholic University of Paraná, Curitiba, Paraná Telemedicine
October 31 Lecture IV Student Seminar on Biomedical Engineering
Department of Biomedical Engineeering, Faculty of  Electric and Computer Engineering, State University  of Campinas, Brazil
The impact of Internet on Research and Education in Biomedical Informatics and Engineering
November 4-8  Conference Fall Conference of the American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA), Los Angeles, USA

Poster presentations:

November 9 Lecture II Workshop of Technology, National University of Brasilia, Center for the Support to Technological Development (CDT), Brasilia, DF, Brazil Technology in Education in Medicine and Health
November 21 Lecture Seminar  on the Publication of Scientific Periodicals
State University of Campinas, Campinas, Brazil
Promoted by UNICAMP Central Library
The importance of the electronic periodical in the development of science
November 22 Lecture International Course on Diagnostics on Gastroenterelogy, Gastrocenter, School of Medicine of the State University of Campinas, Campinas, Brazil Telemedicine and Distance Education
November 28-29 Conference Telmed'2000: International Conference on Telemedicine, Teletraining and Distance Education, São Paulo, Brazil
  • President of the Scientific Committee
  • Lecture: Telemedicine and Distance Education in Medicine in Brazil
  • Minicourse: Internet-Based Teleconferencing
December 1 Course Practi-Med 2000, São Paulo, Brazil
Harvard Medical International and Edumed Institute
Participation as consultant
December 6 Lecture Seminar on New Information Technologies in Health Care and Education
Medical School of Jundiai, São Paulo, Brazil
Using New Information Technologies in Health Care and Education
December 11 Meeting Panamerican Health Organization and Ministry of Science and Technology "Society of Information"  Project, Brasilia, DF, Brazil The UNICAMP's experience with Health sites
December 12 Lecture Faculty of Medical Sciences of Santa Casa, São Paulo, Brazil The Edumed.Net Project
December 13 Conference I Business Forum on Applied Technologies in Telemedicine. Promoted by the Federal Center for Technological Education (CEFET-PE), Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil Inaugural Address: Telemedicine in Brazil

Yearly Productivity 2000:

  • Conferences, Seminars and Workshops: 29
  • Lectures: 31
  • Courses:  3 extension,  1 graduate, 0 undergraduate
  • Articles and Papers: 114

Last updated: 31.Dec.2000.

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